Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Biking Denver

Probably one of the best things we did on our Denver trip was rent bikes. We found a great shop called Paul's Cyclery that rented us the Bianchis you see in the above photo. It was a very nice shop and the bikes were great.

I have to say, Denver is a very bike-friendly city. There bike trails everywhere. No Bike lanes, but full-on bike-only trails. Many of these trails follow streams and rivers so they are below grade level. This means you can ride a long way without ever having to cross a street. Clare's Aunt who we stayed with lives just outside of Denver in a town called Highlands Ranch. We were able to ride from there to the heart of downtown Denver (about a 30 mile ride) and had to cross only one street.

Clare liked her Bianchi a lot. Maybe too much.

We did have some trouble in downtown Denver as evidence by this tag that was left on our bikes. Note to the 16 st. Mall ambassador: We have this thing in the civilized world called signs. You might what to hang a couple up sometime.

The madness that is the Denver art Museum. I don't care who's post-modern; form still follows function people.

We thought the prairie dogs we saw along the way were cute, but apparently everyone in Colorado hates them. Oh, and they carry bubonic plague. I guess I shouldn't have pet this one.

This picture was taken by a dwarf we met on the path.

Also bike related but not about Denver: Clare and I attended the Chicagoland Bike Federation volunteer party this Monday. In the raffle I won a package deal with free tickets to the Farnsworth House, a free hotel night at some boutique hotel in Wisconsin and a $50 gift certificate to a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin. Thanks CBF!

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